Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to School Freebie!

Happy Sunday!
Last Monday I went back to school for professional development. We have another few days of PD before meet the teacher on the 21st and our first day on the 25th! I cant wait to see all my kiddos:] Last Tuesday we had all day to work in our rooms to decorate and organize. I got a whole 10 minutes of work done in my room before this happen...

Yep, that's right.. I was on a table in my classroom hanging something on the wall ( you know you have done it a million times!) I stepped off and my left knee popped out of place and sent me tumbling down the floor where I broke my left arm. Oh and did I mention I am left handed? Yeah, I start school in 8 days and I can not write! I haven't been to the orthopedic doctor just yet so I don't know how long I will be this way yet:[

It's a good thing I have wonderful people in my life that will come and help me work on my room:] ( Ignore that table)

Anywho! I have made some supply labels and direction cards for you lovelies! I use these in my classroom and the really help keep me and the kids organized. Everything has its place and with the supply labels you can see where that place is! The direction cards I put up on my white board so if a student forgets what to do next he can just look at the board and remember:] CLICK HERE to get them for free ( This item is only free for today!!! don't miss out!)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Teacher Mode:ON! Getting ready for back to school time

Its officially August! The month where the smell of new pencils and crayons fill the air! YEP it is back to school time. I am excited to meet all to the new little faces that will be in my classroom this year but lets be honest... I'm also trying to hold on to the sleeping till noon life as long as possible.

Last week I made my first visit to my classroom since June and got a head start on organizing and decorating. Every year, my to do list on the day of meet the teacher is still a million miles long and I am forced to just shove everything I didn't get to in the closet so my class will look neat and put together when everyone visits! That is not happening this year my friends! I WILL have time to do everything on my list this year!!!

Here is what my classroom looked like when I visited last week.

Pretty empty, right? At our school we pack up everything and put it in and on the students cubbies or our closets so they can wax the floors every year. I've got big plans for my room this year and can't wait to share it with you all when it is done!

DID YOU HEAR? The TPT BACK TO SCHOOL SALE is happening August 3rd and 4th! EEEK!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE sales! Use the promo code BTS14 to get up to 28% off in all your favorite stores, including mine! (I hope!:]) I hope to get a few new products uploaded to my store before the sale! Click here to visit my store!Don't miss it! I am going to go get my wishlist ready RIGHT NOW!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gettin' My Fix!! Stitch Fix Review :]

Ok so If you know me you know I LOVE CLOTHES! But, I don't always like to go shopping. I don't like to try things on in the store and when I do I have a hard time imagining what to pair with it that I already own. 

SO what is a girl to do?? Try Stitch Fix, of course! I signed up to receive my first first fix at the end of April and I absolutely loved it! When I go to the store I usually tend to pick the same colors and the same styles over and over again and Stitch Fix allows me to branch out a bit and try new things

So what is Stitch Fix?? Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service. You complete a brief FREE style profile. This quick survey provides the Stitch Fix stylists with your sizes, clothing styles you prefer, and what kinds of items you would not like to see in your box. Then, for a $20 styling fee, a personal stylist will hand-select 5 items that she thinks will be perfect for you. When you fall in love with an item just go to the Stitch fix website and checkout and you can keep it! Also if you purchase something from your Stitch Fix box that $20 styling fee is used as credit to whatever you purchased AND it you just love the ENTIRE box keep it all and receive 25% off your purchase! If you don't love something just send it back in the prepaid bag they send you. 

So here is April's fix!

Sorry I don't have pictures of everything on, I wasn't brave enough for that yet:]
I really loved the blue dress but it had pleating on the tummy area which I think makes that area look bigger and none of us want that!! So I sent it back:[ I liked the skinny jeans but they were just ok.. so they too got sent back:[ The gold cuff bracelet was very pretty I am just not a gold person so off it went!

 Now I did LOVE this top! It was perfect for hot Texas summers and it fit perfectly!
I also loved this top! I was perfect for work and weekends. In a store I would have not picked this out for myself!

Now on to May's Fix!

Even Noodles loves Stitch fix! They send her a new box to play in filled with fun tissue paper each month!
Look I got a little braver this time! This the only thing I kept from this fix. I loved the color and the print! perfect for school, you can dress it up or dress it down! I actually wore this to our end of the year awards! ( Ignore the cotton candy pink room, I living at my parents right now while we pay and plan our wedding:])
I can't wait for my next fix to come at the end of the month!! Sign up to get your stitch fix today! Click here to get your fix! I promise you will LOVE it! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Top 10 Things I Want To Do This Summer

I am linking up with Mrs. Jump's Class to bring you...
1. Get Fit for the wedding: Okay... I admit I LOATHE running and dieting and going to the gym but I need to suck it up and start working out and looking good for my wedding next May. We are going to go wedding dress shopping this summer so I will be starting as soon as my summer starts on June 5th! 
I feel better about myself when I'm wearing workout clothes because that means I'm one step closer to possibly maybe working out.

2. ORGANIZE! If you saw my last post you know classroom organization is my mission for the summer! I cringe every time I look at the closet in my room and my desk area! I just reorganized it in January and it already looks like a tornado hit it! I want to organize all my paper stuff into monthly binders and my centers into labeled shoe boxes so when I am ready for them all I have to do is pull it and GO!

3. Find a new TV series me and my fiance will watch together.  He works ALL THE TIME and during the school year we get to see each other about once or twice a week for a few hours. He records our favorite shows and waits until we can both watch them together.Our favorites, Sleepy Hollow and Grimm don't start again until the Fall. If you have any TV shows you love please share!
Sleepy Hallow, such a strange combo of creepy/historical/fantasy- SO good! And who knew that Icabod Crane was a TOTAL hottie?!?  GRIMM! I am rabidly addicted to this show. It's my favorite.
As you can see we like mystery thrillers :] 

4. Learn to cook more than just spaghetti! I can cook a few things but I want to expand my cooking knowledge this summer. I also want to learn how to cook more healthy dinners. When me and my fiance get married I want to know how to make some really great but healthy dinners instead of just grabbing fast food or pizza every night. 

5. HAVE FUN! We bought season passes to Six Flags over Texas and Hurricane Harbor this year! So we planning on going to those places as much as possible but we would also like to go other fun places such as the beach, a few Texas Rangers games, the movie theater as well. Anything to beat the Texas heat!

6. CRAFT! I love to craft, paint and glitter things! My fiance will not go with me to Hobby Lobby or Micheals because He know I have to look at everything and I can not leave with out buying something! Most of the projects on my craft list have to do with either my wedding or my classroom{I know I should be even thinking about next years classroom but I can't help myself:]}. 
Whoever said Disney was the happiest place on earth has clearly never been to Michael's. | Confession Ecard |

7. CREATE!  I want to grow my little TPT store there will be days where I will have nothing planned and I can just sit down in front of my computer and create all day{hopefully!} I am planning to do a big back to school unit and getting a jump start on creating things for the fall season.

8. Growing my Jamberry Nails Business: I have ventured into the world of Jamberry Nails. I love this product because it is so easy to use, there is no dry time, no messy polish you have to deal with, and they last with out you having to mess with them during the school day. You just stick them and forget them! The last couple months of school is always crazy and this business got put on the back burner for a while, but I am ready to get back at it! Check out my Jamberry Facebook page and like it for exclusive news and special deals from me about Jamberry! Check it out here!
New spring 2014 Jamberry nail wraps! Available to order March 1st! Contact me!!   jamberrry

9. Grow to be a better teacher: I really want to read and visit some great PD this summer. I am finishing up my second year of teaching kinder and I know there is so much more I can learn about this whole teaching thing! I am not able to make it to I TEACH K this year but hopefully I can go next summer. If you have know or have a read a great PD books recently, let me know! I would love to know and try your favorites!

10. RELAX and SLEEP: Looking at my calendar for this summer, It looks like it will be a crazy busy summer with all the wedding planning, crafting, etc. so I want to have some days to just RELAX and waste the day away napping.

That's all for now! I would love to hear your plans for the summer as well! Maybe I can add some of your ideas to my list!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Summer MISSION!

Hey ya'll! Things have been crazy around here lately, planning my wedding, starting my new Jamberry Nails business, and most importantly TEACHING! I apologize for the leave of absence but I promise I didn't forget about yall!

With summer just around the corner ( 13 days, but whose counting??) I thought I would share my summer plans with ya'll. I am already thinking about how to make next year awesome and to do that I HAVE to get myself organized! I have a bad habit of just putting papers into piles or placing stuff just anywhere on the shelf. Then when I need something I don't know where it is. SOOOO... I have decided to make this my Summer Classroom Mission( sounds important, huh?). Most of my projects and time will be spent on things to make my class more organized. Here are some things I have found on Pinterest that are on my Summer Mission to do list:
DIY Crate Bench for classroomFabric Covered Crate Seats @ Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #kids #classroom #storage #reading
This is something I wanted to create last summer and ran out of time to complete. I love how is can be use as a seat and a storage option. I want to make a couple benches for center seating like in the library center and individual seating for my guided reading table.
Love the idea of a "Sub Tub" so that I will be able to put EVERYTHING the substitute will need in ONE place.
Need to make me a sub tub!Although I do have a sub binder for planned absences,  I do not have an emergency sub tub because I almost never miss but I know one day when I get sick or my car breaks down I'm going to wish I had one!
to put my office supplies on my desk, so students may use to, but not drive me crazy as they "play" with them
This was also on last summer to do list! It is perfect for also those teeny little supplies like push pins, paperclips, and post its.
 She stores all the papers for each unit/theme in binders.  So smart.  I keep cramming stuff into bursting filing cabinets.
I also want to organize all my papers into binders. I want to do monthly binders with all of the months academic themed printables, parent letters, craftivity pieces and instructions will go in that binder. I think this will help because I can just grab the binder a go and put it back with the month is over.
That's all I can think of right now but as I complete a project or find other ways to organize objects around the room I will surely let you know!

What your Summer Classroom Mission? I would LOVE to hear all about it in the comment box below!

To help keep YOU organized this coming school year I have two NEW sets of a Teacher Organizational Binder for sale in my TPT store. One is a chevron owls which you can grab here or a monster them here. They are both on sale for this weekend only! I hope you enjoy! 
K-6th Teacher Organizational Binder- Peek-a-boo Chevron Owls       Prek-6th Teacher Orginizational Binder: Little Monsters