Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gettin' My Fix!! Stitch Fix Review :]

Ok so If you know me you know I LOVE CLOTHES! But, I don't always like to go shopping. I don't like to try things on in the store and when I do I have a hard time imagining what to pair with it that I already own. 

SO what is a girl to do?? Try Stitch Fix, of course! I signed up to receive my first first fix at the end of April and I absolutely loved it! When I go to the store I usually tend to pick the same colors and the same styles over and over again and Stitch Fix allows me to branch out a bit and try new things

So what is Stitch Fix?? Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service. You complete a brief FREE style profile. This quick survey provides the Stitch Fix stylists with your sizes, clothing styles you prefer, and what kinds of items you would not like to see in your box. Then, for a $20 styling fee, a personal stylist will hand-select 5 items that she thinks will be perfect for you. When you fall in love with an item just go to the Stitch fix website and checkout and you can keep it! Also if you purchase something from your Stitch Fix box that $20 styling fee is used as credit to whatever you purchased AND it you just love the ENTIRE box keep it all and receive 25% off your purchase! If you don't love something just send it back in the prepaid bag they send you. 

So here is April's fix!

Sorry I don't have pictures of everything on, I wasn't brave enough for that yet:]
I really loved the blue dress but it had pleating on the tummy area which I think makes that area look bigger and none of us want that!! So I sent it back:[ I liked the skinny jeans but they were just ok.. so they too got sent back:[ The gold cuff bracelet was very pretty I am just not a gold person so off it went!

 Now I did LOVE this top! It was perfect for hot Texas summers and it fit perfectly!
I also loved this top! I was perfect for work and weekends. In a store I would have not picked this out for myself!

Now on to May's Fix!

Even Noodles loves Stitch fix! They send her a new box to play in filled with fun tissue paper each month!
Look I got a little braver this time! This the only thing I kept from this fix. I loved the color and the print! perfect for school, you can dress it up or dress it down! I actually wore this to our end of the year awards! ( Ignore the cotton candy pink room, I living at my parents right now while we pay and plan our wedding:])
I can't wait for my next fix to come at the end of the month!! Sign up to get your stitch fix today! Click here to get your fix! I promise you will LOVE it!