Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yes I am alive...

So sorry I haven't been around lately, it's been a little cray cray around here! It's review week in my room we are getting ready to switch into a new 9 weeks. My babies are doing great! They are some very smart and quick learners! I have a good chunk of kids that have not EVER been to school before but yet 10 of them already know their letters and sounds! Happy teacher dance! I am super proud of them!

We are starting a review week this week so teachers can review and assess for report cards. For the next two week we will be doing Pumpkin/Halloween themed activities. I don't know about you but every day my kids come in and ask me if it is Halloween yet.. they are so excited! In my store right now you can go grab my new pumpkin literacy mini-unit call Pumpkin Palooza! It is aligned to the TEKS(for all my Texas buddies) as well as CCSS. Visit my TPT store to get it!

Hopefully I will have more picture next week of my kids doing our fun pumpkin activities for you! I am the worst at remembering to take picture until the activity is all done! Well, gotta get back to lesson plans and Cowboys football :] Have a great week!

OH and one more thing! I have a facebook page now:]. YAY ME!! If you are on facebook search Kindergarten Sparkle and Shine and like my page! There is a new fan freebie posted you can grab, but you have to like my page first :]

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  1. Don't ya just love aligning everything to the TEKS when the rest of the country does CC??? Of course we have to do things in a "different way" in Texas. :)

    Great job on your blog!
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