Sunday, December 29, 2013

Brrr.. It's cold outside!

It is a very dreary, cold day here in Texas. Hopefully, being true to crazy Texas weather, it will be nice and warm tomorrow! I hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of their holiday break! I also hope everyone enjoyed the time spent with friends and family during the holidays and getting geared up for the new year! I can't believe 2014 is almost here! AAH! Are you ready?

2013 was such a great year, I lived in my very first big-girl apartment, I celebrated my 23rd birthday, and got engaged to my best friend! I also have the best class ever this year! I sure do love breaks but I'm starting to miss my kinderbabies. Today I started laminating and prepping January centers. I even started on my lesson plans for when we go back ANDD I don't even really like lesson planning all that much :]

I'm working on a pack of January literacy whole group activities and centers! Hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) I will have this done and ready to go by the new year!

But for now, because I know you can't wait, here is a freebie :] SNEAKY PEEKY FREEBIE! This a sneak peek of the pack above. I hope you enjoy! 

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