Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Summer MISSION!

Hey ya'll! Things have been crazy around here lately, planning my wedding, starting my new Jamberry Nails business, and most importantly TEACHING! I apologize for the leave of absence but I promise I didn't forget about yall!

With summer just around the corner ( 13 days, but whose counting??) I thought I would share my summer plans with ya'll. I am already thinking about how to make next year awesome and to do that I HAVE to get myself organized! I have a bad habit of just putting papers into piles or placing stuff just anywhere on the shelf. Then when I need something I don't know where it is. SOOOO... I have decided to make this my Summer Classroom Mission( sounds important, huh?). Most of my projects and time will be spent on things to make my class more organized. Here are some things I have found on Pinterest that are on my Summer Mission to do list:
DIY Crate Bench for classroomFabric Covered Crate Seats @ Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #kids #classroom #storage #reading
This is something I wanted to create last summer and ran out of time to complete. I love how is can be use as a seat and a storage option. I want to make a couple benches for center seating like in the library center and individual seating for my guided reading table.
Love the idea of a "Sub Tub" so that I will be able to put EVERYTHING the substitute will need in ONE place.
Need to make me a sub tub!Although I do have a sub binder for planned absences,  I do not have an emergency sub tub because I almost never miss but I know one day when I get sick or my car breaks down I'm going to wish I had one!
to put my office supplies on my desk, so students may use to, but not drive me crazy as they "play" with them
This was also on last summer to do list! It is perfect for also those teeny little supplies like push pins, paperclips, and post its.
 She stores all the papers for each unit/theme in binders.  So smart.  I keep cramming stuff into bursting filing cabinets.
I also want to organize all my papers into binders. I want to do monthly binders with all of the months academic themed printables, parent letters, craftivity pieces and instructions will go in that binder. I think this will help because I can just grab the binder a go and put it back with the month is over.
That's all I can think of right now but as I complete a project or find other ways to organize objects around the room I will surely let you know!

What your Summer Classroom Mission? I would LOVE to hear all about it in the comment box below!

To help keep YOU organized this coming school year I have two NEW sets of a Teacher Organizational Binder for sale in my TPT store. One is a chevron owls which you can grab here or a monster them here. They are both on sale for this weekend only! I hope you enjoy! 
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